Historically Spring has been one of the most active periods for selling in the property market and despite the implications of COVID-19, 2020 appears to be no different. In bloom gardens, increasing daylight hours and the increased hype and activity within the marketplace are all reasons people look to sell in Spring. However, with more competition in the marketplace how do you ensure your home really stands out from the crowd

You only get one chance to make that first impression

Curb appeal. The presentation of the front of your home is incredibly important when making that first impression. Does the front garden look neat and tidy? Is the entrance way welcoming? Does the front door need a fresh coat of paint?  The finer details all add up making it critical the property has an eye-catching street presence. Sweeping your walkway, cleaning your gutters, repainting your front door, investing in colourful plants and flowers are just a few ways to enhance curb appeal and leave a positive first impression.

Remove the clutter

Decluttering is the number 1 thing you should do before selling with some studies showing an untidy, cluttered home can decrease its sale price by as much as 10%.

If your home is filled with memorabilia, children’s toys, overcrowded bookcases, wardrobes bursting at the seams and excessive furniture, now is the time to remove these items you were always going to part with when you found some time. Decluttering really enables buyers to appreciate the openness and functionality of various spaces throughout the home.

Spring Clean

Now is the time to commit to that Spring clean. Make sure every speck of dust and dirt is gone, wet areas are thoroughly cleaned making the home sparkle. Ensure all light fittings are working and light globes are replaced. Windows should be cleaned inside and out. This is also the time to call upon various trades to repair or replace those leaky taps, replace the cracked window and so on. To gain a premium result the home must sparkle and present in its absolute best light.

Successful Styling

Styling can go an incredibly long way towards helping you achieve a premium result. We recommend light and airy décor to match and acknowledge the arrival of spring. Various inspiration can be taken DIY shows, magazines and online platforms. Should you have an appetite to call in the big guns to stage a home, we strongly recommend connecting with either homeplusstyle.com.au or shiftpropertystyling.com.au.

During winter odours can often build up going undetected when you occupy the property, however prospective buyers will instantly notice as soon as they step inside. Candles, diffusers or even a fresh bouquet of flowers are great ways to combat unwelcome odours.

Conducting business

Spring can be a wonderful time to prepare and list your home for sale. With the above suggestions we hope you achieve a highly rewarding result knowing you presented your home in its best light.